Porcelain Patio Pavers

Easy to lay porcelain pavers with unmatched style and charm

Are you disappointed in the range of colors and styles available in concrete pavers? Concerned about their poor stain resistance and frost resistance? There’s now a much better alternative available for general landscape paving that’s not only available in an exceptional range of colors, but is also so much lighter, stain resistant and totally frost resistant.

Porcelain pavers combine the outstanding range of colors and styles that typify modern ceramic tiles, their practically zero water absorption, their scuff and scratch resistance, their high resistance to staining with oils, grease and other liquids with very low maintenance, much lighter weight than concrete pavers and their ease of installation.  With colors ranging from simulated wood to simulated stone to modern designer colors, it’s hard to think of any landscaping situation where porcelain pavers would not provide the perfect hardscape paving material. And not just residential. These pavers are used in prestige, high foot traffic commercial sites such as the Google campus in Kirkland WA, the Cannonball beachside bar and restaurant in San Diego, Oronoco apartments in Alexandria VA and numerous other locations throughout the USA.

Our range of Italian designed, US-made porcelain pavers now offers the opportunity to create exceptional patios, terraces, walkways and other hard surfacing needs around your home at a very affordable price. No matter where you live, we can ship these exceptional pavers directly to your door in a matter of days. Just call or email us for prices and shipping information.

These versatile pavers can be installed in many different ways:

Placed directly over compacted sand or gravel. Just like concrete slabs, porcelain pavers can be laid over a well prepared bed of compacted and leveled sand or gravel using spacers between the pavers to keep them perfectly aligned and correctly spaced.
Laid over existing concrete using stackable rubber support pads under each corner of the pavers. The pads not only prevent the pavers from rocking on uneven patio surfaces, but you can make a perfectly level surface by stacking the pads up to approx. 1.5” height. The excellent frictional properties between the pads, the pavers and the concrete substrate keeps the pavers stay securely in place, often eliminating the need for an edge barrier around the paved area.
Laid over grass. Although pavers can be directly over turf, we recommend firstly digging out a few inches of soil under each paver and infilling with compacted sand or gravel. Ideal for creating ‘stepping stones’ or a pathway across a lawn.

Fixed in a mortar bed. For vehicular applications, porcelain pavers can be laid in thinset over a concrete foundation followed by grouting. The foundation must be properly prepared, with expansion gaps as necessary and not cracked in any way.

For more detailed installation guidelines, please download our Porcelain Installation Guidelines brochure.


Archatrak US made  porcelain pavers are available in both Wood and Stone look
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If you’re seeking additional style and color options, please see the Color page of our Italian made structural porcelain pavers. These pavers offer all the features of our US made range of pavers  but can also be also be used to construct elevated decks on rooftops using adjustable height pedestals.

To discuss a specific project or get answers to your questions, call us at 866-206-8316 or send us an email.