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Rooftop Decking with Interlocking Deck Tiles

Rooftop decking of Ipe wood

Rooftops can offer great opportunities for conversion into attractive entertaining or relaxing areas, but contemplating a vast expanse of drab concrete or asphalt and envisaging how to attack such a problem, can be a rather daunting prospect.

One of the main considerations is that if there's a waterproof membrane on the roof, extreme care must be taken that the membrane is not punctured or damaged in any way. You'll probably need to consult the building owner before placing any objects or even installing decking tiles on the rooftop to ensure you are not faced with any potential liability issues.

All of our interlocking decking tiles have multiple “feet” on the plastic base which distribute any load evenly over the surface below, so we don't believe this should normally be a concern. But if any building owner still has some reservations, one way to alleviate their concern is to lay down an additional membrane under the tiles as an extra precaution. 

Probably the most effective type of membrane for this purpose is EPDM sheeting. You can buy EPDM in different widths with lengths up to 50' wide from  specialist suppliers such as Resource Conservation Technology who can also custom fabricate a single sheet to avoid seams. They can also supply a complete system that includes all required adhesives, sealants etc.

Since both our wood and composite wood exterior tiles are available in several different styles, it's possible to create borders, centerpieces, feature areas etc. to suit your individual preference.

As well as our wood tiles, our ceramic or stone interlocking tiles could also be on rooftop decks used either on their own or in combination with the wood tiles for rooftop decking.  For example, you could have a dining area paved with stone tiles where tables and chairs are situated, surrounded by wood tiles.

Hints on Landscaping with Rooftop Decking

If possible, try to divide the area into “rooms” by e.g. using a row of tubs with bushy plants, some trellis, modular fencing etc.

Add some large pots, attractive plants, and maybe a few favorite pieces of sculpture in strategic spots.

Consider replacing few wood tiles with some pebble stone tiles to create a more interesting visual effect.

For very large areas, you may wish to consider our range of porcelain stoneware pavers or our 2' x 2' solid wood Ipe pavers which can be used for elevated rooftop decking using adjustable screwjack pedestals.