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Resurfacing Pathways and Walkways with Decking Tiles

decking tiles on pathway Our interlocking decking tiles are an ideal way to resurface  pathways or walkways. Maybe you have an old, cracked concrete pathway and don't want the hassle of ripping it up and re-laying. In that case, just cover the surface with our decking tiles for an instant, solid wood walkway. And to hide the outer row of plastic tabs, just clip on the matching reducer strips for neat, professional finish.

The only requirement is that the base needs to be a firm, even surface such as concrete, bricks, pavers or asphalt. It's certainly possible to lay the tiles over gravel, crushed stones etc. but fine sand can potentially pose a problem as the "feet" on the plastic base may press into the sand and and result in an uneven tile surface. 


Of course you don't have to lay a continuous row of tiles. You could simply lay them as "stepping stones" surrounded by compacted gravel for example. Just make sure the gravel is surrounding the tiles well so that the the plastic tabs on the sides of the tiles are hidden and to prevent them from sliding when walked on.

It's also possible to lay our interlocking tiles on firm, dry soil although this is not particularly recommended unless an appropriate weed suppression mat or other suitable geotextile fabric is laid down under the tiles.