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How to Install Wood or Composite Wood Decking Tiles

Surface Preparation

If you are laying the tiles over existing concrete patio, then almost no preparation is needed. As long as the concrete doesn't have any large cracks with a surface mismatch either side of the cracks, just give the area a good sweep with a broom.

Tools or other items needed

You don't need any special tools - just a tape measure, sharp knife, screwdriver and handsaw (only if you need to cut the tiles to fit a fixed area or to fit around pipes etc). You don't need any adhesives or extra parts - all the materials you'll need are contained inside each box of tiles.

Design your layout

how to build a deck with click together tiles

  • Measure the area to be covered and calculate how many tiles you'll need. (each standard tile covers 1 sq.ft.)
  • Start laying the tiles from one corner of the area to be covered. Place the first tile in position and then lock the adjacent tile in place by pushing it down to engage the special connecting tabs on the sides of each tile.
  • Continue adding tiles this way until the complete area is covered and all the tiles are securely locked in place to each adjacent tile. Different patterns or attractive borders can be made by combining the various designs available in each range.
  • To fit around pipes, posts or corners, just cut the required shape from the tile using a jigsaw or handsaw and lock the tile into place. Making a template of light cardboard the same size as the tile makes the task even easier and avoids any errors in cutting the tile to shape. Any screws in cut out sections should be replaced at appropriate points in the remaining part of the tile to ensure that all slats are securely fastened to the base.
  • If you want to hide the plastic connecting tabs on the outermost row of tiles, reducer strips are available which just click easily into place onto the outer row of tiles. if you want to put a finishing edge on two or more sides, then mitred reducer strips are available (in pairs) for the corners. Normally you would not use the edge pieces if using the tiles for rooftop decking or any location where you have low wall or parapet around the tiled area.
  • With our wood tiles, for maximum weather protection and to slow the natural weathering affect on the wood due to UV in sunlight, we suggest an initial coating with good quality decking oil followed by further application every 12 months or so, depending on the prevailing weather conditions, and the degree of exposure to the sun and rain. We suggest products such as PPG Olympic Maximum, or products from Cabots or Penofin in particular which contain added oxide pigments for greater UV protection.