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How to Waterproof the Decking Floor of an Elevated Deck

We're often asked how to make the surface of an existing upper level deck or second story deck waterproof...  where you have a raised wood deck with a paved or concrete area below which you want to keep dry.

Whilst there's a number of under deck sealing products on the market which either involve installing a "roof" under the deck or covering the deck with PVC or aluminum, we believe the most simple and cost effective solution which also gives you wonderful new wood (or stone) decking floor is to simply use our interlocking deck tiles .

Ipe wood decking floor

The first step is to lay a moisture barrier over your existing deck. Probably the best type of product use is an EPDM sheet. Try to make sure there are no seams in the sheet which could leak water. You can buy EPDM in different widths with lengths up to 50' wide from specialist suppliers such as Resource Conservation Technology who can also custom fabricate a single sheet to avoid seams. They can also supply a complete system that includes all required adhesives, sealants etc.

Alternatively if you have a plywood surface on your deck, you may wish to consider one of the liquid rubber type products which are generally applied by spraying, such as Sani-Tred or Premium Liquid Rubber.

Then all you need to do is to snap our decking tiles into place over the top of the membrane and in no time at all you'll have a great looking decking floor for your existing deck plus a dry area underneath. And perhaps best of all, you can do it all yourself. No need for expensive tradespersons and very little disruption or mess.