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Our Range of Interlocking Decking Tiles

We offer you more choices, more variety and more options - the freedom to design your deck just the way you want, and the ability to change it whenever you so desire.




If you're looking for the ultimate in durability and wear resistance, then our Ipe wood range would be our primary recommendation.

Designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions, our premium Ipe deck tiles will give year after year of enjoyment, requiring only the occasional application of a good quality decking oil to maintain its appearance. With a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, you'll have the confidence in knowing you'll still be enjoying your wood deck for years to come. And with the option of two distinct styles of 12" x 12" tiles plus a double length 24" x 12" tile, you can create an individual deck pattern to suit your own particular tastes. Matching clip on reducers provide a perfect, professional finish in any exterior location.

See here for details of styles and specifications of our wood tile range



If the thought of re-oiling a wood deck every 12 months or so bothers you, then our low maintenance, fade resistant composite deck tiles could be the answer for you.

Although not as hard or as stain resistant as Ipe wood deck tiles, they will keep their appearance year after year, without only a minor degree of color change over time.

See here for details of styles and specifications of ourwood composite decking tile range




Wet, humid regions can be particularly harsh on wood products.  Although our wood tile range uses the extremely durable and long-lasting Ipe hardwood, it will nevertheless fade to a silvery grey color in such conditions, although regular applications of a good quality decking oil will slow this process.  But of course not everyone wants the trouble of applying a decking oil every 12 months or so.

In such cases, our stone tile range could be the ideal solution. Slip resistant, low porosity ceramic tiles are securely bonded to a plastic mesh base, similar to that used on our interlocking wood deck tiles, giving the same ease of installation, but a virtually maintenance free product. And best of all, you can lay the tiles yourself,decking tiles accurately and professionally, without any adhesives or without tedious grouting.


See here for details of styles and specifications of our stone range