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What are Interlocking Decking Tiles?

Ipe wood interlocking decking tiles Our snap together tiles are easy to handle tile modules which can be laid over practically any hard surface creating a “floating” solid wood or porcelain tiled surface. The tiles are not screwed, nailed, or bonded to the surface in any way, so they require minimal surface preparation, effort or time for installation.

A special integral plastic grid base allows water to drain freely under the tiles. With our wood and composite wood tiles, this base raises the slats off the surface, minimizing any potential problems with cupping or twisting that can sometimes occur if wood is allowed to remain in contact with water for lengthy periods. The open structure of the plastic base also allows good air circulation, which helps to prevent mold growth in damp and dark locations.

Connecting tabs built into the sides of the plastic base enable the tiles to be quickly, easily and accurately installed. They also provide a strong and secure means of locking each tile to its neighbour.

With our wood and composite wood decking tile range, corrosion resistant screws are used to attach the wood slats to the plastic grid from the underside, providing a smooth, splinter free surface free from nails or screws.

With our EzyTile range of porcelain tiles, high strength, low water absorption porcelain tiles with an anti-slip finish are bonded to a plastic grid with a special flexible adhesive.  The tiles are simply snapped into position over practically any hard smooth surface ... no adhesives or grouting required. The precision made interlocking base ensures perfect alignment every time without effort or frustration.