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Why Choose HandyDeck Decking Tiles?

Trouble free installation

We use a unique polyethylene grid base which is totally symmetrical on all sides. So there's no juggling with tiles to match up loops on one side with pegs on another side. Just pick up the tile and place any edge against any adjacent tile to lock them securely in place.

Easy to lift up and replace any tile

What if you get tired of the deck design you made and want to change it? No problem. With our decking tiles, its a breeze to unsnap and reinstall the tiles. Lift them up, move them round, design a new center piece, build a different border, whatever you like. It's simple. But with some other interlocking tiles, you'll be lifting three or more tiles just to remove a single tile or struggling to unclip them once they are fastened together.

Matching clip-on transition pieces

To hide the side view of the plastic base on the outer row of SwiftDeck tiles and to give a more professional finish to your deck, simply clip on the matching reducer strips. It's as easy as laying the tiles. No drilling, no screws or other fixing devices needed.

Durable and long lasting

Our wood tiles only use wood species that are renowned for their exceptional hardness, natural durability and resistance to decay (Class 1 or 2 durability). So the tiles will survive the harshest of weather...drenching rain, blazing sun, or freezing snow and ice year after year.

Strong and flexible base support

We know that shipping goods around the country can be a rather tough at times. And that lifting and replacing tiles puts a strain on the connecting tabs. So we've used a tough but flexible polymer to handle all that stress and strain. A polymer that copes with extremes of heat and cold and contains inbuilt protection from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Ten year warranty & 30 day money back guarantee

All our tiles carry either a 5 or 10 year residential use warranty against manufacturing defects. Plus our 30 day money back guarantee means you can try the tiles in you own home for up to 30 days. Then if you don't like them for any reason whatsoever, just return them for a full refund (excluding shipping charges).