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Care and Cleaning

All our decking tile products are designed to provide years of enjoyment with minimal maintenance.
However to help keep the tiles looking at their best, please note our care and cleaning recommendations

Ipe or Teak wood tiles

Like any exterior wood products, our wood tiles will gradually fade to a silvery gray colour over time. The rate at which this will occur depends largely on the degree of exterior exposure, the climatic conditions and the frequency at which any preservative treatments are applied.

As soon as possible after installing the wood tiles, we recommend applying a good quality decking oil with a brush or roller to slow the rate of graying and to provide some initial waterproofing to the wood surface. Decking oils which contains trans-oxide pigments or other proprietary UV absorbing or reflecting compounds are generally preferred for longer term results and longer periods between applications of the decking oil. Whilst we don't provide specific recommendations as we haven't evaluated the full range of products available on the market, we suggest considering products such as Olympic Maximum Waterproofing Sealant from PPG who guarantees that their clear sealant will prevent water damage and graying for 2 years or 3 years with their tinted sealant. Other products you may wish to consider include Penofin's Penetrating Oil Finish or Cabot's Australian Timber Oil.

For day to day care, all that is required is the occasional brushing or washing with water to remove loose dirt and other surface debris. Leaves or other debris falling between in the gaps in the tiles may be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

EzyTile porcelain tiles

To remove any loose dirt, brush the surface of the tiles or clean with water and sponge. A mild detergent may be used if necessary. Any debris between the tiles can be removed with a vacuum cleaner if necessary. The tiles can also be hosed down or disassembled to clean underneath.

  • Care should be taken to avoid heavy or sharp objects being dropped on the tiles, hammering on the tiles or excessive pressure being exerted by sharp objects on the edges of the tiles
  • Legs of metal chairs or tables should be protected with rubber “feet” if placed directly on the tiled surface.
  • If any tile becomes damaged or broken, the tile should be removed immediately to avoid possible injury
  • Whilst the tiles are designed to eliminate pools of water, care should be taken when walking on the tiles in wet weather as they could be slippery under certain conditions