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How to Resolve Problems with Damp Basement Floors

basement flooring with Ipe deck tiles

A very common problem in many homes is dampness or water seeping into basement floors. Apart from mold, damp floors of course are a major problem if you're storing cardboard boxes or other items which can be ruined by moisture.

To avoid these problems, you need good air circulation at floor level and a means of raising your stored items off the damp concrete surface. Any raised platform also needs to be impervious to moisture so dampness cannot track up the support structure. And of course it also needs to look attractive.

Meeting all these criteria can be a bit of challenge... except with our wood or composite wood decking tiles.

All our snap together tiles have an open mesh plastic base which not only ensures excellent air circulation but the plastic of course is impervious to moisture. And the wood surface provides a strong, firm and attractive base which not only supports loads of several tonnes but  looks so much more attractive than a concrete floor.

Of course interlocking deck tiles won't stop water from seeping into your basement, so  you may still need to call in professional help to fix particularly severe cases of damp basements.

But in the majority of cases, for a quick, effective and easy to install basement wood flooring option, our wood or composite wood decking tiles can be the simplest and most cost effective answer - plus they look great, with that warm inviting feel, that only natural wood can provide.